Start-Up Businesses - Expert Business Advisor

Every year, over 10,00,000 dedicated men and women exit their jobs to own their businesses, in every country.

Speed up your start-up business with help from us. As an expert business advisor we provide entrepreneurs like you with high quality support—expert training, mentorship andBusiness Growth Consultant guidance—to give your new business its best chance at success.

Having business plan is one thing; being ready to execute is another. Deciding whether or not to launch your own small business takes the kind of knowledge, perspective and confidence you'll gain from our expert business advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

  • We are an independent, private-sector entity focused on bringing the private sector together to maximize the success of planet’s entrepreneurs – and maximize business competitiveness in an increasingly global world.
  • We believe entrepreneurs are innovators and job creators, while celebrating entrepreneurship as a core value.

Through our quality resources we help start-ups accelerate their growth and become "speedups." We provide assistance to entrepreneurs in the following areas:

  • Expertise: Connect entrepreneurs with training, mentors, advisors and accelerators
  • Services: Provide entrepreneurs access to critical services
  • Talent: Assist entrepreneurs in recruiting and training the people that can help them grow
  • ustomers: Help to scale start-ups through new and existing markets
  • Capital: Highlight sources of capital available to entrepreneurs in various regions and sectors

Our experts provide you a practical overview of the fundamentals required to start a small business. Proven practices. Sound advice. Experienced and successful intrapreneurs themselves will guide you through the first important steps. You'll gain:

  • Knowledge of the fundamentals you need to start a small business
  • Perspective from mentors who've been there and can see what you don't see
  • The peace of mind and confidence that come from knowing you've thought through everything

Program OverviewBusiness Growth Consultant

Start-up Basics
We break down what could be an overwhelming task into manageable pieces, focuses on the essentials and provides specific action steps to get you started.

Business Concept
Receive step-by-step guidance on identifying your target markets, describing your products and services and researching your competition to determine your concept's feasibility.

Marketing Plan
In this introduction to marketing communications, learn how to maximize your customer reach. Outline and execute a marketing strategy. Test your marketing message. Choose the right sales channels. We discuss different marketing and pricing strategies, positioning, and the difference between features and benefits.

Financial Projections
Through hands-on instruction, learn how to forecast sales revenue and build solid, pro-forma financial forecasts. Discuss sales and prices, financial risks and rewards, true start-up costs, on-going operating expenses, setting benchmarks for tracking progress and organizing all of your financial information.

Funding Sources
How will you finance your business? Learn about sources of funds, accounting the six Cs of credit, banking relations, ratio analysis, monthly preparation and review of financial statements. Hear directly from a bank loan officer how banks assess the merits of business plans and loan applications.

Having guided many start-ups since 1999 to become strong, system oriented and profitable across the globe, we can be a great asset for any start-up.