About - Expert Business Advisor

We know like every BUSINESS OWNER YOU too may be considering going in for BUSINESS GROWTH by being more profitable, system oriented and professional thereby moving up to a more advantageous position in your business or professional life.

We share the awareness of what a positive impact doing that can mean to YOU.

In our practice we realised that there are SEVEN FAMILIAR BUSINESS TROUBLES - WHICH DO YOU WANT TO OVERCOME?

  1. Thin profits
  2. Business Growth Consultant
  3. Poor systems
  4. High employee turnover
  5. Low sales
  6. Irregular cash-flow
  7. Large outstanding
  8. No growth

Since 1999, we have been coaching and guiding SMEs through extraordinary growth. Tailoring our business coaching approach and methods to suit each individual client, we take into account the size, industry, market and current situation of every business that I coach so as to develop the most successful business coaching platform.

In short we make your self-managed company into a STRONG, PROFITABLE, PROFESSIONAL and a SYSTEM DRIVEN ORGANIZATION.


A thoroughly involved, progressive thinking small/medium size business owner whose expectations are to: 

  1. Improve profits year after year;
  2. Develop team;
  3. Effectiveness of each department in operations;
  4. Strengthen brand equity;
  5. Establish the culture of planning, execution and review;
  6. Guide on systems for effectiveness in operations; and
  7. Go global.


We offer an easy to understand and effortless to execute, customised strategies and tools in every department that ensures exceptional profitable growth, year after year for any business, any size and any industry, worldwide.


We guide, motivate and make the business owner to achieve the defined business goals of growth, profitability and excellence, thereby earning his trust and respect.


Being “professional”, we believe in detailed planning, taking calculated risk and fearless execution, thereby making client achieve the requisite goals. According to us, “nothing is impossible” provided one has the zeal to complete the project successfully. 

Our Achievements:

  • Estd. in 1999 for assisting Enterprises in India and overseas.
  • Worked with 72 clients till date 51 in India and 21 abroad.
  • Started exports in 100% cases.
  • Business Growth Consultant
  • Increased sales in 90% cases.
  • Improved cash flow in 70% cases.
  • Enhanced profits in 70% cases.
  • Successfully launched 36 new products and 7 new companies.
  • 100% happy clients.
  • 96% clients prefer to refer our services to their acquaintances.